Attendance and Punctuality

Our attendance target is 96%.  Our whole school attendance up to the end of the Spring Term was 94.4%.

Please remember school starts at 8.50 am. Class doors close at 9:00 am. If your child misses the class door, they must enter the school through the office and give their name and reason for missing the class door. This is a safeguarding procedure so that we register your child as in school.


School Attendance Legislation states that a request from a parent to take their child of compulsory school age out of school during term time can only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Holiday requests during term time will NOT be authorised unless you have an exceptional reason for doing so. Please try to book family holidays during school breaks.


Medical appointments
The register is taken twice a day at 9.00am and 1:00pm. If your child is at a medical appointment during these times it has to be recorded as an absence even if they come into school after the appointment. If at all possible please arrange appointments for after school or after your child has received their morning or afternoon mark to avoid unnecessary absence marks.


Sometimes children are too ill to come to school. Please contact school on the first morning of the absence to let us know the reason why your child is off school. If we don't hear from you, we will try and make contact with you. For this reason, please make sure your contact details are up to date with the school office.


Help if you need it
Sometimes there are underlying reasons why a child does not attend school regularly. If at any time you have any difficulty in getting your child to school then please speak to us! We are here to help and support and can often find ways to stop any problems.

If you would like to discuss your child's attendance please phone (0151 424 5861) or call into school and ask for Miss Birchall (Attendance Lead and Pastoral Worker).